Developed in association with leading vehicle manufacturers in the high performance sector. A product that succeeds in transferring the best of motorsport technology to use on the road or track.

Key Features

  • CUSTOMISED OUTER TREAD DESIGN - Hard handling performance, high speed cornering and impressive lateral acceleration managed by the massive tread blocks on the shoulder and the central continuous rib.
  • CUSTOMISED INNER TREAD DESIGN - Excellent balance between high speed driving and grip/traction thanks to the dual-compound tread technology
  • CUSTOMISED TREAD COMPOUND SOLUTIONS - Motorsport derived materials for improved resistance to high thermo-mechanical stress.

Performance Category: Ultra High Performance

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
225/35R19 88Y88Y640
245/35R19 93Y93Y654
245/30R20 90Y90Y655
255/30R20 92Y92Y661
275/35R20 102Y102Y701
285/35R20 104Y104Y708
305/30R20 103Y103Y691
305/30R20 103Y103Y691
305/30R20 103Y103Y691
305/30R20 103Y103Y691
315/35R20 106Y106Y729
285/40R21 109Y109Y761
315/30R21 105Y105Y722
315/35R21 111Y111Y754
355/25R21 107Y107Y711
285/35R22 106Y106Y758
285/40R22 110Y110Y787
315/30R22 107Y107Y748
325/35R22 114Y114Y786